Jenny Jusuf

Screenwriter Filosofi Kopi






Jenny Jusuf was born in Jakarta on January 30, 1984. Currently residing in Bali, the author, translator and blogger began her career publishing short stories and articles on her personal blog since 2006. She also took part in a number of writing competitions.

In the  same  year,  she  had  her  first  published  piece  when  a Cerita  Kita,  a  magazine for teens, printed one of her stories.

Nine   years   later,  Jenny   has   published   two   books,   a   biography   and   several compilations of short stories written with  fellow Indonesian authors. Her love for the craft   of   writing   pushed   her   into   other   fields,  including   editorial   writing   and journalism.

In  2010, Jenny flew  to  Cancun,  Mexico,  to  cover  an  International  Climate  Change conference.  Her coverage was  exclusively  published  by  Indonesia’s  own  National  Climate  Change  Board.  Following the assignment,  Jenny  also  entered  the  world  of show  businesses.  A comedic script she  had  written  was  produced by  a  local  TV station. It was this milestone that marked the start of Jennys further venture into the world of  show  businesses.  Today, she has  written  an astonishing  list  of  short  films, TV shows and other programs.

Filosofi  Kopi, an adaptation of  a short story  by Dewi Dee Lestari,  is Jennys big screen debut as a screenwriter. Dewi Dee Lestari is one of Jennys idols as a writer, and she found the opportunity to be an absolute honor. Jenny started her research for the  script  in  2011.  It was  a  long  and  challenging  process,  which  ended  in  Bangkok, Thailand, in 2014. It was then that she began writing the script that later brought her to winning the Best Screenwriter award in Bandung Film Festival 2015.


Amrit Ram Punjabi

Producer Soekarno



Amrit Ram Punjabi, son of Indonesian “King of Soap Opera” Ram Punjabi, was born in Bombay (1987). Graduated from Media Production, American Intercontinental University (2010). He started his career in film business at Platinum Cineplex, Vietnam, which controlled by his family. He is currently The Secretary General of Indonesian Motion Picture Producers Associations (PPFI).

Filmography (As Producer/Production Supervisor)
Hattrick (2012), Soekarno: Indonesia Merdeka (2013), Hijrah Cinta (2014)



Ucu Agustin

In the Absence of the Sun
(Selamat Pagi Malam)




She is a former journalist and self-taught documentary filmmaker. She started making documentary film in 2006 after her script in short documentary film “Death In Jakarta” (2006) won the Jakarta International Film Festival (JFFEST) Script Development Competition. In 2009, “ Children Ragat’e “The short documentary film which part of omnibus film “At Stake” took her to the Berlinale Film Festival. It was Indonesia’s first documentary film to be shown at the festival. Her short film “Farewell My School” (2013) which tells the story of children with special needs, screened at IDFA 2013 session of Kids & Docs. She consistently explore social, political, women’s, and humanity issue and has made more than 10 short documentaries and two feature documentary films, “Conspiracy of Silence” (2010) and “Di Balik Frequency” (2013). At the same time, she also wrote novels and short stories.